DKE Summer Series 2014 – Nicholas DiNino

This summer Brother Nicholas DiNino ’15 is interning with Exelis, a military contractor based in Clifton, NJ.

DiNino is working in the Electronic Warfare Systems department, where he has been given two main tasks. His primary assignment is to create and run tests for digital and analog circuit boards that make up a module for one of Exelis’ electronic warfare systems. Once these units are shipped, they will help defend the United States Armed Forces’ B-52 bombers against Radio Frequency (RF) threats in combat missions.

DiNino’s secondary responsibility is to support data collection for a transmitter in an RF Testing Chamber. Nick is also manipulating the data so that it can be easily analyzed by Exelis’ higher level engineers and shown to the customer.

When he is not working on these two projects, DiNino supports the other Systems Engineers in his department, and ensures he is learning the most he can from his summer experience. He is grateful to learn from professional engineers in the field, some of whom have over thirty years of experience at Exelis alone.

DiNino is an Electrical and Computer Engineering major and a Mathematics minor at Lafayette College. He is also the president of the Gamma Psi chapter of Eta Kappa Nu, the national Electrical and Computer Engineering honor society.

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