Prominent Dekes

Delta Kappa Epsilon has over 160 years worth of alumni and connections to take advantage of. Our fraternity has produced the most influential politicians and businessmen of any fraternity. In fact, 6 Dekes have been Presidents of the United States, the most of any fraternity. (The fraternity with the second most has only two.)

Rutherford B. Hayes Theodore Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt** Gerald Ford George H.W. Bush George W. Bush

**FDR, although initiated in Delta Kappa Epsilon, is not officially recognized as being a Deke, because he had dual membership in another society.

Vice Presidents of the United States

Theodore Roosevelt, Alpha

Gerald R. Ford, Omicron

George H. W. Bush, Phi

James Danforth Quayle, Psi Phi


President of the Republic of Cuba

Mario Garcia Menocal, Delta Chi

Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

William E. Simon, Rho

Justices of the Supreme Court

John Hessin Clarke, Beta Chi

Harold H. Burton, Theta

Potter Stewart, Phi



Yuan Shikai, Phi (Prime Minister, Chinese Empire)

Liang Tung Yew, Phi (Secretary of State, Chinese Empire)

Chung Mun Yew, Phi (Director of Chinese Railroads)



Suti Ki Chinda, Psi Phi (Secretary of State)

Baron Seijiro Hara, Psi Omega (President, Japanese Railways)


Postmaster General

Wilson S. Bissell, Phi

George Von L. Meyer, Alpha


Attorney General

Wayne MacVeagh, Phi

William Mitchell, Phi Epsilon


U.S. Senators

(Over 40 Dekes have served in the Senate)


U.S. House of Representatives

(Over 130 Dekes have served in the U.S. House of Representatives, including
3 Speakers of the House)


Recent State Governors

Tony Knowles, Phi, AK

Don Siegelman, Psi, AL

Mike Foster, Zeta Zeta, LA

George Pataki, Phi (Hon), NY

George W. Bush, Phi, Texas


U.S Ambassadors

(Dekes have been ambassadors to 36 foreign countries and the U.N.)


College and University Presidents

Dekes have been presidents of 86 colleges and universities, including:

Amherst, U. of California (Berkeley), U. of Chicago, Colgate University,
Dartmouth College, Depauw University, Louisiana State University, M.I.T.,
Miami University (Ohio), Yale University


Nobel Prize Winners

Theodore Roosevelt, Alpha (Peace Prize, 1905)

John F Enders, Phi (Prize for Medicine, 1954)


Pulitzer Prize Winners

(Not counting Deke proprietors of winning newspapers)

Editorial Writing (2)

Biography (1)

Music (1)

History (2)



Edward Bellamy, Theta Chi

Nathaniel Hawthorne, Theta

Vance Bourjaily, Theta

W. O. Mitchell, Alpha Tau

Corey Ford, Gamma Beta

Owen Wister, Alpha



J. Pierpont Morgan, Jr., Alpha

Irving H. Chase, Phi (Chase Manhattan Bank)

Robert Lehman, Phi (Lehman Brothers)

William L. Harkness, Phi

Thomas W Lamont, Alpha

W.W. Crocker, Phi (Crocker National Bank)

Thatcher M. Brown, Phi

August Belmont, Alpha

Payne Whitney, Phi

John Hay Whitney, Phi

Dean Witter, Jr., Phi (Dean Witter & Co.)


Magazine Editors and Publishers

This long list includes:

U.S. News & World Report, Life, Reader’s Digest, Cosmopolitan, Newsweek,
Co-founder of Time, Parent’s Magazine, World Almanac, Harper’s


Newspaper Publishers

This long list includes:

New York Times, Toronto Daily Star, Los Angeles Times, Hearst Newspaper
Chain, Indianapolis Newspapers, Sifton chain of Canadian newspapers


Business Founders, Presidents, Chairmen

(There are literally hundreds of Dekes in this category; this is just some
of the familiar names)

John F. Akers, Phi (I.B.M)

Henry B. Thayer, Pi (A.T.&T.)

Owen D. Young, Sigma Tau (General Electric)

James H. Evans, Iota (Union Pacific Railway)

William W. Wrigley, Phi (Wrigley’s Gum)

Howard Heinz, Phi (Heinz 57 Varieties)

Howard Johnson, Phi (Motor Inns)

James M. Gamble, Lambda (Procter and Gamble)

Sidney M. Colgate, Phi (Colgate-Palmolive)

James C. Colgate, Mu (Colgate-Palmolive)

Gilbert Colgate, Phi (Colgate-Palmolive)

Herbert F Perkins, Phi (International Harvester)

Walter Hoving, Upsilon (Tiffany and Co.)

Alfred S. Bloomingdale, Upsilon (Diner’s Club)

William H. Morton, Pi (American Express Co.)

Edward Bausch, Beta Phi (Bausch & Lomb Opticals)

M. C. D. Borden, Phi (Borden’s Products)

Howard S. Borden, Phi (Borden’s Products)

Harold H. Swift, Delta Delta (Swift and Company)

Joseph C. Wilson, Beta Phi (Xerox)

R. L. Agassiz, Alpha (Calumet & Hecla Mining Corp.)

Joseph Kerr Cass, Lambda (Westvaco)

Adrian R. Fisher, Phi Chi (Johns-Manville)

Willard C. Gulick, Mu (B. F Goodrich)

Herb Kelleher (Southwest Airlines)

Roger Mitsui, Delta Chi (Mitsui products, Japan)

Louis Bantle, Phi Gamma (U.S. Tobacco)

Cyrus S. Eaton, Jr., Mu (International industrialist)

Frederick N. Schwartz, Gamma Phi (Bristol-Myers Corp.)

Hays Clark, Delta Chi (Avon Products)


Prominent Sporting Figures

Frankie Albert, Sigma Rho (Coach, San Francisco 49ers)

Paul Brown, Kappa (Coach, Cleveland Browns and Owner, Cincinnati Bengals)

Thomas Landry, Omega Chi (Coach, Dallas Cowboys)

Joseph Paterno, Upsilon (Penn State football coach)

Walter Camp, Phi (Football authority, early selector of ‘All American’ players)

William Bartholomay, Delta Epsilon (Owner, Atlanta Braves)

George Steinbrenner, Epsilon (Owner, New York Yankees)

High Culverhouse, Psi (Owner, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Robert Trent Jones, Delta Chi (Famed golf-course designer)

Leland S. Scott, Sigma Rho (Held world’s pole vault record)

Charles Snelling, Alpha Phi (Canadian men’s skating champion)

Bob Pettit, Zeta Zeta (All-American, All-Pro basketball player)

Jay Gould, Gamma Beta (World squash champion)

Donald McNeill, Lambda (U.S. singles tennis champion)

Robert J. Kelleher, Epsilon (President, U.S. Lawn Tennis Association)

James Elder, Alpha Phi (Canadian Equestrian Team 1969 Olympic gold medal

McNeill Drumwright, Omega Chi (U.S. doubles tennis champion)

Hank Luisetti, Sigma Rho (All-Time All-American basketball player)

Don Schollander, Phi (Won 4 gold medals at the 1964 Olympics)

Jack Torrance, Zeta Zeta (Held world shotput record)

William Miller, Sigma Rho (Held world’s pole vault record)


In The Entertainment World

Cole Porter, Phi (Composer)

Charles E. Ives, Phi (Classical composer)

Dick Clark, Phi Gamma (‘American Bandstand’)

William T. Purdy, Tau (Composer of college songs including :On Wisconsin)

Grant Mitchell, Phi (Actor)

Jonathan Winters, Lambda (Comedian and writer)

Harry Hamlin, Theta Zeta (Actor)

Lloyd Nolan, Sigma Rho (Actor)

Gary Merril, Theta (Actor)

Sonny Tufts, Phi (Actor)

Lowell Thomas, Jr., Pi (Broadcaster and author)

Donald Ogden Stewart, Phi (Won 1931 Oscar for the screenplay of “Laughter”)

Douglas Z. Doty, Gamma Beta (Won 1931 Oscar for the screenplay of “Laughter”)


Other Categories (A random sampling)
Rear Admiral Sidney
W. Souers, Kappa (First director of C.I.A.)

Mark Pitman, Theta (Founded the Choate School)

Henry Sewall, Gamma Phi (Discovered the basic principles of immunization)

Hen. Peyton C. March, Rho (U.S. Chief of Staff in World War I)

George H. Bixby, Phi (One of the founders of Long Beach, California)

Robert A. Peary, Theta (First man to the North Pole, carried a DKE flag

Charles F. Brush, Omicron (Invented the storage battery)

Lt. Gen. Price J. Montague, Alpha Phi (DKE’s highest ranking officer in
World War II)

Charles A. Ellis, Gamma Phi (Designed San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge)

Albion W. Small, Xi (Founded the first sociology dept.)

W J. Bland, a Rhodes Scholar at Lambda (First American elected president
of the Oxford Union)

A. Bartlett Giamatti, Phi (First president of Yale to then become U.S. Commissioner
of Baseball)

Melvil Dewey, Sigma (Devised the Dewey Decimal System)

Alan L. Bean, Omega Chi (First Deke to walk on the moon, carried a DKE flag
with him)