Executive Committee

Ex Officio:

Salvatore J. Panto, Jr., Mayor, City of Easton

Daniel H. Weiss, President, Lafayette College


Becky Bradley, Director of Planning and Codes, City of Easton

Ellis Finger, Director of the Williams Center for the Arts, Lafayette College (Chair)

Lucienne Di Biase Dooley, Consultant

Gary Evans, Emeritus Vice President of College Relations, Lafayette College

Michael Fleck, Member, Easton City Council

Esther Guzman, Manager, West Ward Neighborhood Partnership

Kim Kmetz, Director, Easton Main Street Program

Maurice Luker, Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations, Lafayette College

Anita Mitchell, Executive Director, Easton Area Community Center

Michiko Okaya, Project Administrator and Site Curator

Kathleen Parrish, Associate Director of Media Relations, Lafayette College

Mary Wilford-Hunt, Director of Facilities Planning and Construction, Lafayette College

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