Luke Wynne


Luke Wynne

To natives of Easton, a city block might well be the equivalent of white noise – the unconscious background of their daily lives. But to photographer Luke Wynne, who recently moved to the city, it’s an architectural mystery to be explored.

Wynne seeks to transform the ordinary into the exotic in his photo exhibition of Easton streetscapes entitled “Everyday,” which is located at the parking lot behind the Easton Area Community Center on Washington Street.

“When I see urban landscapes, it’s the type of imagery we see everyday,” he says. “I deconstruct those into a much more personal — one might even say mysterious — endeavor.”


The color photographs, about 5 feet by 7 feet in size, are printed on waterproof PVC material, the type usually used in commercial signs and banners.  They are attached to that ever-present city barrier, the chain-link fence, which is transformed into a kind of giant easel.

Wynne hopes the photos will be a catalyst for viewers, and especially the children at the community center, to see their city in a different light and perhaps inspire them to start taking photographs of their own neighborhoods.


Wynne began his photography career in New York City in the 1980s with publications such as New York magazine and Cosmopolitan. Later he and his wife, television and film producer Barbara Dorio, moved to Hollywood where he took portraits of stars like Whoopi Goldberg, Julia Roberts and George Clooney for film studios and international magazines.

In 1999, they moved to Vicenza, Italy and Wynne taught master classes in photography and held exhibitions, such as his show “Places I’ve Done Time” in 2010.

He takes inspiration from photographers from the “New Topographic” movement, including Lewis Baltz and Stephen Shore and earthwork artists like Robert Smithson.

Everyday Gallery

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  1. Hi Luke, how are you and Barbara?The exposition it’s a little bit kitsch!
    It remember me the new fence that we have from about a week in front our house.
    That’s could be a great idea for our new fence. An exposition open air for all the people that want to come and visit it.
    Send me your e mail and I explain to you my idea for Vicenza.


    Tony & Lorenza

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