Poetry Resources

Poems can be hard. If you’re not writing free verse, it can be difficult to follow all the rules certain types of poems demand. To help you along with your poetic adventures, we have curated some of our favorite websites and listed them below with a brief description, so you can use them in your future endeavors.

Over the centuries that poetry has been written, there have been an enormous amount of poetic structures that play with length, syllable count, rhyme scheme, and iambic feet. If you’re looking for a specific structure or a new style to try, this is the list for you. Just remember: sometimes, rules are meant to be broken!
This site breaks down your syllables line by line. If you don’t have the count you were hoping for, you can click on the word to see synonyms that have the syllable count you need!
Some forms of poetry have strict rhyme schemes. If you’re having trouble finding the right word to match your poem, RhymeZone is a good site to use– it even arranges it the words by syllable count!

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