LafKids Connect Fall 2020 Poetry

Earlier this month, The Marquis worked with LafKids connect, a program where students from Easton Area Community Center and Easton Middle School meet Lafayette clubs for a one-hour long interactive meeting, to get students interested and educated about creative writing.  Because our club encourages and fosters creativity, we challenged the students to write a poem and then give each other helpful feedback on how they did.  We gave the students five prompts they could choose from or be inspired by:

  1. Write a haiku (three lines; five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables)
  2. Acrostic poem about FALL (with one line per letter)
  3. Write five lines about something in your room
  4. Write six lines about what your favorite color tastes like
  5. Write a seven-line poem, with each line describing a day of the week.

They came up with some great pieces!  So great, in fact, that we figured they should be shared.  Please enjoy the creative works from the students of LafKids Connect!


Zyaire Mitchell

Mondays are the worst.

Tuesdays are still pretty bad.

Wednesdays however are pretty okay.

Thursdays are better.

Fridays make me feel relieved.

Saturday is the best day of the week.

And Sundays are decent for me.


Jeremy Marsac






Caitlyn Charnley

I love fall so much!

The leaves are changing colors

It has just begun!



The leaves change colors,

leaves fall to the ground softly,

fall is so much fun


Rodney Thomas

Lizard in my room all it does is poop and eat.

The tv in my room plays my fav movies.

The bed in my room all it does is for me to chill and sleep.

My Halloween decorations I love Halloween.

My childhood toys.


Jayden Astudillo


All the leaves are darkened

Leaves fall from the trees

Little kids jump in the leaves


Jazairah Middleton

I like my bed

From my bed you can see lights

My bed is teal

My lights are purple

My bed is big

My lights are little


Jayden Altine

Fun leaves falling falling down

All around you and me

Lovely leaves fluttering around

Laying there all around


Myah Thomas

Beauty is the sky in the morning

Eating s’mores and sitting by a fire

Amazing movies to watch

Under the tree watching the stars at night

The sound of the crunchy leaves under my feet

In new store seasonal clothes

Funny new jokes about the cold weather

Unique colorful paintings in the store

Loving the decorations of Halloween


Myles Maldonado

Falling leaves


Leftover turkey

Laying in bed


Destiny Bailey

Fun you can do a lot of things

A lot of pumpkins to carve

Lots of leaves to rake

Learn how to make costumes



Fall is coming!

Leaves are falling

Leaves are changing colors

Halloween is coming!

Fall is fun!


Eva Calleja

Falling in love with autumn

Falling leaves in the blustery morning seemingly trying to relax

Autumn smells and smiles in the cafe

Laying leaves calling my name to just fall on them

Laughing fall memes on my bed

What a wonderful day ahhhh…



I have this stuffed animal on my bed.

My stuffed animal is named pink monkey.

It is a monkey that is pink.

I love my pink monkey every time I get mad or something

I go right to it and it calms me down.



1, It’s pink and it tastes like jellybeans

2, It’s red and it tastes like strawberries

3, It’s green and it tastes like a salad

4, It’s orange and it tastes like cheese

5, It’s blue and it tastes like blueberries

6, It’s rainbow and it tastes like skittles



Fun looking colors on trees

A lot of allergies

Lots of dirt bike riding in the woods

Leaves everywhere




all the leaves

leave your work

leaves to jump in


Dylan Patterson

The leaves are turning brown

It’s getting colder now so it’s gonna be Halloween


Derek Altner

Fall leaves are falling.

Everybody loves fall too.

It brings us good cheer.



I have a toy pink cat

With a hat for the cat but it didn’t work

The pink cat wasn’t fat

Its eyes glow

I wish it could grow


We would like to thank all the students and volunteers who helped make this possible and give a special thank you to LafKids Connect who organized this event.  We hope you enjoyed it!