visiting artists

At the heart of the START project is a visiting artists program that will support the infusion, integration, and programming goals described above. This program will bring to campus the best local, regional, national, and global artists involved in creation, exhibition, scholarship, and performance. These visitors may come for a day, a week, a semester, or longer, and may repeat their visits to establish ongoing, interdisciplinary collaborations and relationships. This is a special opportunity to engage with these artists in presentation or creation.

These artists will facilitate: (1) the infusion of arts into the curriculum; (2) liaisons and collaborations between arts and non-arts departments; (3) the use of both traditional and non-traditional areas of campus as arts venues; (4) connections to local, regional, national, and international arts communities; and (5) increased opportunities for students to engage in the creative arts. This program will both enhance established relationships with artists and performers and also develop new partnerships and exchanges with external arts groups. The project will cover such expenses as stipends, travel, housing, and associated project fees and expenses.

START Visiting Artist Program Description and Application form.


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