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Do you have an idea for a course, event, exhibition, visiting artist, orĀ  project, and are looking for feedback and collaborators?

Post your ideas and comments here.

3 thoughts on “idea exchange

  1. Put this in the “completely vague” column. Theodore Roethke was a Pulitzer Prize winning poet who worked at Lafayette in the 1930s. Our “Roethke Humanities Festival” is named in his honor. The year 2013 will be the 50th anniversary of Roethke’s death, and so perhaps we could build some events around that anniversary?

    — John Meier

  2. I am not sure about the Roethke Humanities Festival, but that sounds interesting. I am currently working with Michael O’Neill and have asked someone in English as well to consider going in with AFS to bring an ethnomusicologist who specializes in, among other things, world music and ‘afropop.’ She teaches at MIT. Anyone else interested?? Please get back to me within the next 10 days. Thanks! This may not fit into the Roethke Humanities Festival but I think it could interest students from diverse areas/disciplines.


  3. I’m interested in doing either a course or series of events with global hip hop artists, particularly artists whose work is political in nature. I’m envisioning a study of hip hop as both an art form and a political outlet, particularly for young people, with a comparative global perspective.

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