digital media tools and technical support

Digital Media and Arts Tools and Technical Support

The tools employed in the performing and visual arts have greatly expanded to encompass the full range of digital media and techniques. In part due to Lafayette’s historical connection with technology, faculty members in the arts have been moving away from standard studio practice toward more contemporary and collaborative approaches in creating art.

Funds will be made available for digital arts equipment and technical support. This might include, for example, portable, computer-based imaging equipment and supporting software. This will enable students to create such works as large-scale projections–an area at the intersection of the visual arts, light, sound, and performance.

Additional possibilities include, but are not limited to, increasing capacities for documentary video, audio, three-dimensional imaging, and animation. These digital tools will be available for classroom use, and they will provide students with practical exposure to the creative and technical questions that arise.

Applications for purchasing digital arts equipment will be announced.

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