World War II in HD Miller was writer and chief historical consultant for this full-color, high definition series narrated by Emmy Award-winner Gary Sinise. The ten-hour series aired on November 19, 2009 and ran for five consecutive nights on the History Channel. Miller’s best-selling book, The Story of World War II, was the inspiration for the character-driven series, which tells the story of the war through the lives of 12 individuals whose paths often intersect in serendipitous ways. The series uses color footage, much of which has never been aired before, drawn from more than 3,000 hours of World War II film unearthed from archives and private collections across the globe. The film received lavish critical attention, and had one of the highest audience ratings of any show featured on the History Channel. It deals equally with the War in Europe and the War in the Pacific, and weaves together these two conflicts through the lives and testimonies of those at the face of battle.