Source Material

The following documents present a wide array of background information about Lafayette College’s involvement in the American School of Teheran.  These documents include articles from The Lafayette Alumnus, clippings from The Lafayette newspaper, fundraising pamphlets distributed at Lafayette College, and most notably, a comprehensive historical account of the American School of Teheran compiled by Arthur C. Boyce.

Lafayette Bulletin 1907


"The Lafayette Work in Persia." Photo featuring S.M. Jordan, '95.

"Lafayette College - In Creating Leaders for Persia"

"500 for the Lafayette Work in Persia"


"Alborz College of Tehran and Dr. Samuel Jordan"

Persian Youth


Articles from “The Lafayette Alumnus”

February 1933

February 1935

May 1945

                                      Clippings from The Lafayette Newspaper

January 25, 1907

May 3, 1907


May 24, 1907

October 25, 1907

December 6, 1907