The founder and President of Alborz College of Teheran was Dr. Samuel Martin Jordan. From the time of the Jordans’ appointment to work in Persia, Lafayette College was interested in the American School for Boys in Teheran and took an active part in it. The Brainerd Society which was the college Y.M.C.A. organization, was the center of this interest. In 1899 W.C. Isset (1901) wrote to Jordan on behalf of the Brainerd Society asking for information about the school and for suggestions as to how Lafayette College would cooperate. The students and faculty sent a contribution that year and continued to do so in almost every year until the college in Iran was closed in 1940. During all these years men of Lafayette knew the institution in Teheran as “Lafayette in Persia.”

This image is the inside page of the pamphlet called "Lafayette College is Creating Leaders for Persia."

A lively interest was renewed when the Jordans returned to Easton in 1906 and Lafayette became the center of Dr. Jordan’s promotional work in that furlough. A strong “General Committee on the Lafayette Education Work in Persia” was appointed from among the alumni scattered over a wide area. The object was to secure from Lafayette men, students and graduated, a continuing support of the work in Persia and at the same time have Lafayette men appointed to the high school and college faculty in Persia supported, if possible, by Lafayette men in America. In 1923, the Trustees of Lafayette formally adopted “The American College in Teheran” as Lafayette’s special interest abroad. Shortly thereafter Dr. MacCracken, President of Lafayette, became President of the Board of Trustees of the college in Persia. [This introduction is an excerpt from Chapter 5 of Alborz College of Teheran and Dr. Samuel Martin Jordan Founder and President by Arthur Clifton Boyce. The full document is available under source documents.]

Dr. Samuel Martin Jordan

“One thing Dr. Jordan has to his credit out here is the belief on the part of many Persians that he is here to help and not to oppose things. For that reason he has an entrée into the offices and councils at times of the leading political men in Persia. He is looked upon as the head of every American school, girls or boys, in Persia, although of course he is not. But no decisions of a political nature are taken with reference to any school without first consulting him on the subject. It is fortunately so, for in the present crisis he has been able to smooth out more rough spots than anyone else could do. Unfortunately, he is severely criticized by fellow missionaries and yet when they want anything from the Government for school or church no committee to approach the government is complete without him.” Letter from Walter A. Groves to his mother on November 4, 1927.

In the course of the years the following Lafayette men were on the faculty of the American College of Teheran for shorter or longer terms:

Name                     Lafayette Class       Role at American College of Teheran

Samuel Martin Jordan    1895           President & Professor of History and Social Sciences

Arthur Clifton Boyce       1907           Vice President, Professor of Education and Psychology

Frederick L. Bird             1913        Professor of English

William Norris Wysham   1913        Professor of Religion and Sacred Literature

Ralph Cooper Hutchison 1918       Dean and Professor of Religion and Philosophy

Walter Alexander Groves 1919      Dean and Professor of Philosophy and Ethics

James H. Hill                   1928         Instructor in Business

George W. Brainerd        1920         Instructor in Biology

S. Leroy Rambo              1930         Instructor in Physical Education

William C. McNeill           1931         Instructor in Physics and Chemistry

Edward S. Kennedy        1932         Instructor in Mathematics

Arthus C. Haverly            1936         Instructor in English

American College of Teheran - Graduation - June 1929