Some Themes I’ve Noticed in Day for Night

There were a few interesting themes in the film that I’ve seen so far. I enjoy the way the film is shot, which involves a lot of long takes and shots that follow the actors around for an extended period of time. This is effective in showing how fast paced sets can be while making a film. An example of this is the director quickly walking around his sets consulting with people from all different departments, we got a look into the chaos of film making there. Another theme that I noticed was that the film comments a lot on frivolous things. I understand in class it was mentioned that this film is part of french new wave, which is less flashy than other forms of film, and the points made in the film fit this description. There are very large elaborate sets and actions with hundreds of extras that seems very excessive, when filming on an actual location would have produced a very similar effect, and all characters are preoccupied with things that don’t seem too important, having mounds of butter, small props, and perfection in a take. For a film that is part of a less flashy style, this is certainly an ironic subject to cover.


Nick Tassoni

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