Final Projects

Just a quick reaction to the final projects. I thought the final projects were very interesting in what it says about our study of theory throughout the semester. There was a decent amount of repeated material (auteur theory, the discourse around a film, etc.) but every presentation felt new. Each one, even the tenth on auteur theory, seemed like it was exploring a different area of the theory that the others had not. I think this concept is very interesting in the fact that this is what theory is all about. These ideas we read about all year are supposed to be taken and molded to different films. You are supposed to want to take a film that you have always loved and shed a new light on it under the scope of these new and interesting theories. Many of these theories have seen significant changes over the years because critics and film scholars alike have been doing what we did the past few weeks.  They break down films using the theories and potentially find flaw or even just unexplored areas of the theory in which they can contribute further knowledge to. After taking this class, I will find it hard to continue to consume media without thinking about what the filmmakers had in mind while producing it.

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