The hardware went through three revisions to add additional improvements such as:

  • i2c isolator between the push button board and the AVR
  • Low Pass Filters between the Push button input and AVR
  • Additional bypass capacitors
  • Changed from a 2-Layer Design to a 4-Layer design
  • Right angle 37 pin connector to allow the board to be mounted to the aluminum siding
  • Layout/Pad size changes to allow for easier assembly

The 0.7 version of the board is missing reference designators and has a reset wiring issue. Both have been corrected in the 0.8 zip file below

Pacman Hardware Zip


The software was updated to reflect the changes made to the AMS firmware. The additional commands that the AMS boards support were extended to the Pacman firmware well. These are, the ability to read voltage calibration data/Magic bytes/Serial number from the AMS board.

AtomThread RTOS

AT90CAN32 Datasheet

Zip for 0.15 version of pacman software

Repository for Software

Pacman Build Environment

Programming Manual