Changes to SOW

The statement of work as presented to the team on Feb 2, 2016 is available here: LFEV-Y4-2016-02-02

Items 7 and above require closing of written communication loop with Prof. Nadovich, but were successfully negotiated verbally.

  1. (2/1/16) Individual and Team Status Letters are due Friday at 4PM starting this Friday (5 Feb). The individual status letter is
    uploaded to Moodle. The team letter is delivered normally.
  2. (2/1/16) Pre-PDR documents, including the ITCP are due 12AM Wed 3 Feb. These documents will be delivered normally.
  3. (2/1/16) ITCPs – The proposal below is acceptable with one modification. Either professors Nadovich or Yu may provide feedback the ITCPs and reject changes:
    Wed. Feb 3rd 12:00 AM : ITCP submissions due prior to PDR, these ITCPs will reflect the project requirements (“specs and deliverables”) that are being proposed at PDR, with no approval required for any suggested changes to the SOW.Fri. Feb 5th 11:59 PM : Professor Nadovich to respond to ITCPs with any feedback rejecting suggested changes to the SOW. Lack of feedback implies acceptance of revised SOW requirements.Mon. Feb 8th 11:59 PM : ECE 492 design team members must resubmit ITCPs reflecting the accepted changes to SOW. Any included un-approved changes to the spec in THIS ITERATION of the ITCP will cause it to be rejected.
  4. (2/2/16) There’s a change to the paragraph on pg 19 regarding shop drawings. All shop drawings for fabrication must be archived on the web site. This is expected to happen before review signatures are solicited.
  5. (2/2/16) Delivery is to both AEC rooms 400 and 401
  6. (2/2/16) Our request is that instead of providing a signature directly on the ITCP document, the ECE 492 design team would instead prepare a single sheet of paper containing all of these fields for each member of the team. This paper would be filled out and delivered to you and Professor Yu as a hard copy at PDR.
  7. (2/3/16) R002j will be satisfied by R001a (Geoff will add to ITCP).
  8. (2/3/16) R002m: GPS waived.
  9. (2/3/16) AMS test plug detailed in Formula EV spec delayed to next year.
  10. (2/3/16) Purchasing of materials for accumulator packs beyond the first should be tracked separately and their costs will not count against the budget.
  11. (2/3/16) R003a waived.
  12. (2/3/16) In exchange for providing VSCADA capability of opening safety loop, conference paper is waived (pending).
  13.  (2/4/16) R003f soft throttle only (Tim will add to ITCP).
  14. (2/4/16) GPR003 waived.
  15. (2/4/16) D009 waived.

Changes approved by Professor Nadovich on March 3, 2016

  1. Due at CDR :                 Draft of Calibration and Accuracy Analysis
  2. Due 2 weeks prior to FDD:    Final Draft of Calibration and Accuracy Analysis

Change to Final Presentation Schedule on April 4, 2016

  1. Final presentation date and time changed to May 9th, 2:00PM

Changes to Final Deliverable Date on April 21, 2016

  1. FDD date changed to May 10th