The software for the AMS boards went through some changes to handle additional commands from the Pacman boards. The new commands allow the voltage calibration factors and the serial number to be stored to the board’s EEPROM.

Another command was created in order to change what information will be sent out to the Pacman when it requests data. Since more data is being stored in the EEPROM it became necessary to choose what data is needed instead of sending all of the data every time. The CHANGE_READ_TYPE command is followed by another byte which hold a (0-3) determining what info will be sent. The information that can be read is:

  • Voltage and Temperature (0x00)
  • Serial Number (0x01)
  • Calibration Factors (0x02)
  • Magic Number (0x03)
    • This returns the sequence 0xA5A5 so that the Pacman can distinguish an AMS board from any other device connected to the i2c bus


The hardware for the AMS board went largely unchanged except for a change in capacitor values for C2, C3, and C4.

The repository for the AMS software/hardware, which has a more detailed read-me, can be found here.