AMS Verification Unit

The AMS Verification Unit is a device that used to test individual AMS boards. It was created by John Gehrig in 2015 and the original page for it can be found here.


The software was updated to provide more test cases and to support the additional AMS functions that were created. Four additional test were added. They include an Address Test, a Serial Number Test, a Calibration Factor Verification Test, and Calibrated Voltage Verification Test. In addition to these tests a menu item was added to support calibrating the voltage. In order to calibrate the user must connect the AMS Verification Unit to a power supply and set the voltage to the requested values. The unit then computes the calibration factors and stores them in the AMS’s EEPROM.

There is also a method to set the serial number of a board. Since this would only need to occur once it was not added to the AMS Verification Unit menu, instead it is done through the Arduino Serial Monitor.

Detailed methods on how to test a AMS board, calibrate the voltage, and set the serial number can be found in the AMS Verification Unit User Manual. (User Manual)

AMS Verification Unit Repository