DKE Summer Series 2014 – Kevin Seery

This summer Brother Kevin Seery ’15 is interning at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in his hometown of Florham Park, NJ. Seery has worked as a Seasonal Client Associate under the LE Group, aiding in the research and analysis of select mutual funds, hedge funds, bonds, ETFs, and other investments.

Seery has also worked in conjunction with Senior Management to create specific asset allocation templates for varying investor profiles. He has spent time collecting and calculating the data to compile possible returns, standard deviation, and dividend returns for each risk profile.

Seery has benefitted from a wide exposure in the various segments of the Wealth Management Process. As an Economics major pursuing a Certificate in Financial Policy and Analysis, Seery looks to land a job in finance after graduating from Lafayette.

Brother Seery is currently the secretary for DKE, and has also served as both Recruitment and Social Chairman.

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