Brothers Assist Planning Dine 3/9

This past Sunday, three brothers helped the Alumni Relations Council host the third annual Dine 3/9 event at Pfenning Alumni Center. Dine 3/9 is an event that is held to commemorate the establishment of Lafayette College.

On March 9, 1826 the Senate of the House of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania granted the charter to establish Lafayette College. Students and alumni alike get together to join in the celebration for food, refreshments, and cheers to all that have walked through the gates of Lafayette College.

(From left to right) Brothers Boone, Houldin, and Goldman cheers at Dine 3/9
(From left to right) Brothers Boone, Houldin, and Goldman cheers at Dine 3/9

This year the event doubled its turn out from last year.

As members of the Alumni Relations Council, brothers Bakari Boone ’15, Wiley Houldin ’15, and Michael Goldman ’16 helped set up and plan the event.

“Being a member of the Alumni Relations Council makes the event more special,” Goldman said. “Our organization puts in the dirty work in making this event enjoyable.”

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the college, and we look forward to seeing you next year.


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