Brother Terembula Returns to Campus with A Message of Personal Responsibility

On Monday September 17, Rho DKE alumnus John Terembula returned to Lafayette to speak about “self management.”  Brother Terembula drew upon his undergraduate and employment experiences to deliver his message of time management and personal triaging.  Specifically, Brother Terembula stated that a person cannot manage time, but rather themselves.  One must prioritize between what they must do, what they should do and what they want to do.  This message of personal management is certainly pertinent on a college campus where the opportunities for distractions are endless.  Brother Terembula advocated for the use of personal calendars as an effective method of organizing long and short-term obligations.

Our Chapter is eternally grateful for alumni like Brother Terembula and many others for their continued willingness to share their knowledge and experience to current undergraduates.

31 thoughts on “Brother Terembula Returns to Campus with A Message of Personal Responsibility

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