Field Values and Beliefs

This page provides information on respondents’ perspectives on opportunities and challenges in the field as it grows, including beliefs about successful outcomes, common problems, who should lead the field going forward, and which research is most helpful to current practice. Some questions also probe respondents’ sense of others’ perspectives on dialogue and deliberation efforts. Please see the Discussion page to discuss these results.

Best Term


Most Pressure

Promote Benefits


Respondents generally believe that it is important to measure many different outcomes as indicators of process success. The only outcome receiving much less support than other options was whether money was saved as a result of a D&D process (with 27% of respondents choosing this option).

Top 6 Success

Respondents chose participant satisfaction as a success indicator more often than sponsor satisfaction:

Part Client Satisfaction

Respondents who did choose sponsor satisfaction nearly always chose participant satisfaction as well, as the Venn diagram below illustrates. The thin sliver of red represents the respondents who chose sponsor satisfaction as a success indicator but not participant satisfaction:


NCDD Challenge Pie

Taking the Lead

Preferred Research

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