This page provides information about the demographics of survey respondents, including their memberships, employment in D&D work, and involvement in field-building events. Please see the Discussion page to discuss these results.

Country of Origin

The target population of the survey was in the United States, but the survey was distributed worldwide through online networks.

U.S.: 345     Canada: 43     Australia: 12     UK: 7
Countries with 1-3 respondents: Argentina, Bolivia, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, Ghana, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Spain, Taiwan, Venezuela

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Distribution of United States respondents:


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The median age of respondents was 53, and the average age was 51.5. The most common age (the mode) of respondents was 62. This group of respondents were 22 in 1969.

Birth Year No Outlier

Gender Respondents


Political Perspective


Professional Memberships

Ninety-three percent of professionals belong to at least one organization. Those who belong to at least one professional association belong to 1.6 organizations on average.


Employment in Dialogue and Deliberation Work

Type of Practice

Full Part Time

Org Role251 practitioners, or 58% of all respondents, reported participation in at least one of the field-building events listed in the chart below. On average, practitioners who reported participation had participated in two of the events.

Field Events

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