Naming is hard

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It almost seems silly, but deciding on a blog name for this site is hard. I spent the weekend thinking of names while also peppering my wife for the same. I then turned on my co-workers, particularly Ken, today. Here’s a brief sampling of what I’m able to remember:

  • Blog
    Because I couldn’t think of a better name (current)
  • Boss Blog (for those who watched the “Dukes of Hazard”)
  • Paper or Plastic?
    Readying to make a choice
  • Crow’s Nest
    Looking ahead
  • Bourne Digital (a mashup of Jason Bourne and Born Digital)
    Kicking ass in education
  • Lincoln Blogs (has nothing to do with me since I’m not a Lincoln, but I brainstormed it and thought someone might like to use it)

Assuming I can stick with it, this site will focus on my readings, thoughts, and observations about education and education reform both in higher ed and K-12 as well as all things Lafayette. I’d love some suggestions no matter how plain or strange.

5 thoughts on “Naming is hard

    1. I’ve hesitated using my last name since I associate alleys with dirty streets littered with stray cats and overflowing garbage cans. However, I didn’t think of trash or cats once when I read your suggestion. I’m going to think in that direction for a little. Thanks!

  1. yes, i think you should work with alley. it’s sort of a natural. tech alley? alley-tech? and jen is right–the other names don’t really tell us much. good luck!

  2. (In real small letters) At the corner of High Street and Skillman Library is…. (drum roll here or trumpet sound off)

    Digital Alley (say that with an echo)

    (really tiny letters) stray cats not included

    I know…I’m a fountain of ideas. Just had a cappuccino

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