Education 250 – Curriculum and Instruction

If at any time you get stuck you are welcome to contact me, Jason Alley, at or stop by my office in Skillman 110, which is near the video editing lab.

Basic project workflow

  1. Get a mini DV tape (borrow one or buy one from the book store). Do not try recording to a SD card because you will not be able to import it, plus the audio/video quality will be significantly worse.
  2. Check out from the library a Canon Xi video camera. Make sure the tape is rewound and that the battery is charged or shoot your video with the power cable connected.
  3. Set the shot. Remember to keep the camera as close to you as possible since the microphone is on the camera. Also, remember to keep yourself framed rather tightly as to omit the students from the shot.
  4. When you’ve finished recording remove the tape and return the camera and tripod.
  5. Import the video into iMovie 09.
  6. Export the video and upload it to iTunes U.

Importing your movie into iMovie 09

  1. Open iMovie 09.
  2. Insert your tape into the tape deck (make sure the deck is turned on).
  3. Click the camera icon located on the left in iMovie 09 and import your footage.
  4. Once your footage has been imported highlight it and drag it into the project area located near the top of iMovie 09.

Exporting your movie from iMovie 09

You will need to export your video before posting it to your course site on iTunes U.

  1. In iMovie 09, click Share from the top menu.
  2. Select Export Movie.
  3. Select the Medium format, which should be listed as 640×480.
  4. Click the [Export] button.

Uploading your exported movie to iTunes U

  1. Visit and log in using your Network ID and password. iTunes will open and place you into iTunes U at Lafayette.
  2. Scroll to the “Course” section and click Education courses.
  3. Click Education 250_W10: Curriculum and Instruction.
  4. In the upper-right of your course page, click the Upload and manage files link. This will open a new web page in a browser.
  5. Click the Add New File link.
  6. Browse for the file you exported to upload it. Your file will begin to upload automatically.

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