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Pecha Kucha

I wanted to see if SlideShare supports the HTML5 protocol that also allows services like YouTube to be easily embedded into WordPress. Indeed it does!



$$ \sum_{n=0}^{10} n^2$$

Embedding a Tweet

Kaltura test – oEmbed

BluBrry test


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Something to do with Babe Ruth I think?

Stuff here.


Test video

The Boxer

Child tennis star visits Easton

Tim Laquintano, Lafayette College

Tim Laquintano, Lafayette College

This morning I learned of a child prodigy who plays Wii Tennis most likely better than myself. His father, Tim, is a professor of English at Lafayette College and he produced this short video. Follow him on Twitter.

Sample Recordings:

Liza Lucy (1974)

Download (Part 1)

Download (Part 2)

Susan Bauman (1974)

Download (Part 1)

Download (Part 2)

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