Southpaw dilemma

Photo by noahfrenzy from Flickr

Last weekend my daughter went to an 80s musical at my my mother-in-law’s school. After the show she visited my mother-in-law’s classroom (she’s a math teacher) and wrote on the chalkboard. Unfortunately, as my mother-in-law explained, my daughter erased the letters as she was writing them because as a lefty her elbow dragged on the board. Pretty amusing, though I’m sure she’ll learn to compensate over time.

Another lefty dilemma came to me today. I was chatting with a few of my colleagues, one of whom is left-handed, and she told me that she was having trouble using the SmartBoard because she’s left-handed. It’s not so much that’s she’s left-handed, but more because she typically uses a mouse in her right hand, which has made her right hand her dominant hand when interacting with a computer. However, she is unable to transfer her right-handed interactions with a mouse over to the larger motions required to use a SmartBoard.

It really is a brave new world.

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