The H5P plugin allows you to upload, create, share, and use rich interactive content on your WordPress site.

Content Type

Once activated, you can start creating content by selecting H5P Content from the Dashboard and choosing “Add New”.  Before creating content, you will need to choose from the list of Content Types which you would like to enable on your site. There is also the option to upload an H5P file that you have already created using

Each content type shows a description, and a link to a Content Demo. If you decide to use that content type, click [Download]. Once it has downloaded, you will see a [Use] button. Tutorials and examples are available within each content type creation window.

Using H5P Content

There are two ways to use content once it has been created.

  1. While viewing the question in the Dashboard (H5P Content > All H5P Content), you will see a box with the shortcode for the question. Copy and paste the shortcode onto the page/post you would like it to appear on.
    Shortcode location for H5P content
  2. While on the page/post you would like to use the H5P content, click the [Add H5P] button at the top of the content window and select the H5P content you would like to insert.
    Add H5P Content button