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My novel, The Place You’re Supposed to Laugh, was published in Fall 2018 by 7.13 Books. (You can find it at your local bookstore or at a corporate monolith.) I have been a Finalist for Glimmer Train, BOA Editions, and Sarabande Books Prizes, and have attended the Tin House Writers Workshop, Squaw Valley Community of Writers, One Story Summer Workshop, and the Djerassi Resident Artists Program.

My short stories have appeared in the following places:

2021 “In Order of Appearance” in HAD

2020 “That’s the Exact Opposite of What I Wanted” in What I Thought of Ain’t Funny (anthology)

2020 “Island Time” in Pithead Chapel [Selected by Leesa Cross-Smith]

2019 “In Patient” in X-R-A-Y Lit

2018 “Work/Life Balance” in Hobart

2018 “Thank You for Helping Us Serve You Better” in Bending Genres

2017 “Table for Two” in jmww journal [Best Small Fictions nomination]

2017 “The Disaster Specialist” in CHEAP POP

2016 “Non-Stick” a Finalist for Tethered by Letters Prize; published in Literary Orphans

2016 “Don’t Shake Hands on the Bandstand” in Jellyfish Review

2015 “The Place You’re Supposed to Laugh” in the Indianola Review [Pushcart nomination]

2014 “Ladies & Gentlemen, The Invincibles” in Tahoma Literary Review [Pushcart nomination]

2014 “Recycling” in Night Train (online 2014, print April, 2015)

2014 “Oh So High” in Dislocate [at-large Pushcart nomination]

2014 “Ladies & Gentlemen” was a Finalist for the DISQUIET Prize in Fiction

2013 “Five Stages of Sandy” in Oh! Sandy (anthology)

2011 “I Cover the Rest” in Cobalt Review

2010 “All-American” in failbetter [Pushcart nomination]

2004 “Re-think” in Readymade

2003 “Geeks” in The MacGuffin

2003 “How to be the bigger person” in Surgery of Modern Warfare

2002 “Cast of Characters” in Pindeldyboz

2002 “How to Seem Smarter” in Readymade

2001 “Near the Highway” in Red Rock Review

2001 Ashby Ave. (anthology)

2000 “Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later than You Think)” in Ibid

I write book reviews for Public Books and the San Francisco Chronicle. Some of my favorites: Station Eleven, Heat and Light, and City on Fire.

In addition to my fiction, I am the co-author of the textbook Introduction to Engineering Mechanics; First Edition 2008, Second Edition 2015. I’m also joining the author team for the Fourth Edition of Mase et al’s Continuum Mechanics for Engineers (2020).


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