Anyone who can’t explain his work to an eight-year-old is a charlatan.

Attributed to Dr. Felix Hoenikker, in
Kurt Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle

I am always teaching, and I am always learning: in the classroom; in my office hours; in the laboratory; and in the library.  I love interacting with students, discovering new ways to explain difficult concepts using words or graphics, and highlighting the way seemingly disparate technical concepts are linked by mathematics or physics or history.  I strive to create an open and interactive classroom in which students and faculty are fully engaged with the material and with each other.

Courses taught at Lafayette College:
ES 101 Design Thinking (cool article about this class; 2014 ASEE paper)
EGRS 270 Designing London (taught at Goldsmiths College, University of London)
FYS 059 First Year Seminar: The Grand Challenge of Global Hunger
ME 360 Thermodynamics  II
ME 362 Fluid Mechanics
ME 470 Heat Transfer
ME 497/8 Senior Design Projects


Courses taught at Harvey Mudd College:
E59 Dynamics of Engineering Systems
E80 Experimental Engineering
E83 Continuum Mechanics
E131 Fluid Mechanics
E132 Heat Transfer
E111-3 Engineering Design Clinic
jenn-teaching-es101Students enrolled in these courses have access to material posted on the class moodle sites.