Students Writing 1958-1985

Students Writing 1958-1985

The Black Man in America has come to realize that for his survival he must maintain his black identity and move onto a path of self-determination. He has also realized that racism in this society has become more blatant and its manifestations more hostile. Lafayette College, a part of this society, has renounced its responsibility to humanity. The Black Man has been effectively excluded from the curriculum, the administration, the faculty, and, in a real sense, the student body. Therefore, it has become necessary for the black students of Lafayette College to take the initiative … We, the Association of Black Collegians, recognize our responsibility and are forced of conscience to present these demands that will hopefully begin the end of this inhumanity. In order to clarify the goals and purposes of our demands, we hereby issue this manifesto.

Black Manifesto, Association of Black Collegians, 1969

The first issue of "Black Voice." Click on the image to read a PDF scan of the full publication.

Volume 2 of "Black Voice." Click to read a PDF scan of the full publication.

In the fall of 1969, the Association of Black Collegians presented a list of demands to the college administration. They wanted to see more black students and faculty, a black studies program, an end to racist attitudes, and a black cultural center at Lafayette. The Lafayette covered the discussion of these demands in its Oct. 31, 1969 issue (click here to read PDF excerpts), and printed the entire manifesto of the Association in its Nov. 21, 1969 issue (click here for PDF excerpt).

In the spring of 1970, the administration described to the Board of Trustees how it had responded to the manifesto, citing improved recruitment of black students and the approval of courses that would diversify the curriculum (The Lafayette, April 10, 1970). However, black students said recruitment was still falling short (The Lafayette, April 28, 1970).


There are 10 volumes of Writer’s Workshop magazine
in the College Archives, ranging from 1974 to 1985.

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The Rolling Paper was a music review publication of Lafayette’s radio station, WJRH. The College Archives holds copies from October 1971 to April 1973. Click on the cover at right to read a full PDF issue.


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