Greek Lingo

Bid: Formal Invitation to join a sorority or fraternity.

Continuous Open Bidding (COB): An opportunity for chapters that do not reach quota during primary recruitment to bid to total and/or quota. The continuous open bidding process is less formal, and not all chapters will participate in continuous open bidding. 

Snap Bidding: An option available to chapters that did not fill quota. Chapters may offer bids to potential new members whose preferences were not matched, meaning they would not be extended a bid by chapters they listed on their preference rankings after preference round. This process takes place before bids are distributed, and a potential new member would receive a phone call or other contact by a sorority offering her a snap bid. If she chooses to accept, the new member would participate in normal Bid Day activities. 

Chapter: A branch of sorority or fraternity on a college campus.

Initiation: Formal ceremony in which a pledged member becomes and active member.

New Member: a member of a women’s fraternity (sorority) who is not yet an initiated member.

New Member Period: Period of time after a bid has been accepted in which new members learn the history and purpose of their new organization.

Panhellenic Council: The central governing body of all sororities on campus.

Philanthropy: An activity or event that raises awareness and collects money and/or donated goods for a charitable organization or cause. F/S host philanthropic events to raise money or collect items for their philanthropy.

Potential New Member (PNM): An undergraduate female WHO IS participating in recruitment.

Rho Gamma: A member who serves as an unaffiliated recruitment counselor, who assists potential new members through the recruitment process. Each Rho Gamma is assigned a group of potential new members to guide, advise, and help as best as they can.