Welcome & Letter from the President

Welcome to Lafayette College’s Panhellenic Council website!

We are the governing body for the six sororities at Lafayette.  We ensure the guidelines and protocols from the National Panhellenic Council are met in each of our chapters, and are a resource for every member.

Our mission: The Panhellenic Council seeks to foster the creation of a community of committed, involved women who strive for growth, sisterhood, and the fulfillment of our ideal values. Our mission is to collaborate and communicate openly to create a foundation based on unity, trust, and integrity in the Lafayette Community.

Recent news: check out this article written on the Lafayette Greek community that raised over $27,000 for two non-profits in the Easton Community. 

From June 12, 2020 to June 25, 2020, the Panhellenic Council, along with five of our representing sororities participated in the Lafayette for Racial Justice Fundraiser. This movement was organized by student advocates and the Student Government and we worked alongside over 20 other Lafayette clubs/organizations to raise over $21,500 for Black Lives Matter NY, Lehigh Valley Bail Fund, and Homeless Black Trans Women Fund. Please check out @laf_racialjustice on Instagram for more information!

Letter from the President, Sandra Manfreda:

Hello and welcome to Greek Life at Lafayette! My name is Sandi Manfreda, and I am the Panhellenic Council President for the 2020 year. Here at Lafayette, our Panhellenic Community is comprised of six unique chapters. Each of these organizations contributes to our community in their own positive way, and I am honored to be serving as the leader of this group of women this year!

The Panhellenic Council plays an instrumental role in upholding the values of the Greek community, such as leadership, friendship, and service. As a student led council, Panhellenic has the ability to broaden and induce positive change in the whole Greek system, as well as learn valuable skills that we can demonstrate to all the chapters on campus.

After serving on the Panhellenic council for a year and learning on the job the mindset, tasks, and duties of the President of Panhellenic, I am prepared to take on the role. My unique recruitment experience of being released and accepting a COB gives me an interesting perspective on Greek life and the ability to empathize with Potential New Members. This will help make their experience more comfortable and efficient.

As president, I want to focus on empowering sororities, so other organizations don’t have an influential hold on the reputations of sororities. It has become increasingly clear that even though sororities are all female organizations, men hold power and control over our organizations. This is seen in the ability of men to make false judgements on sororities that influence freshmen’s opinion and insert objectification.  I believe there is a lot I can do as President to empower the sorority community.

As president, I would like to address the perpetration of false stereotypes and stigma around specific Greek organizations, and Greek life in general on Lafayette’s campus. Because Lafayette is such a small college, rumors spread with exceptional speed and even when they are false, they still lead to negative perceptions. Some of these rumors and stigmas on Lafayette’s campus lead to a lack of diversity in Greek life and disaffiliation within a chapter or dropping a recruitment in general because of a chapter’s reputation. For example, the idea of different sorority tiers discourages women from pledging to a sorority that has been defined as a ‘low tier’ sorority which in turn, lessens Greek participation and continues to perpetrate negative perceptions.

I believe effective and open communication is the best way to end these harmful perceptions and as President I will be able to lead and foster that communication. This communication will be useful both ways because I believe there is a stigma surrounding certain chapter and sorority life as a whole. Listening to the way each Greek chapter and the Executive Panhellenic Council responds to this issue will allow me to facilitate a closer and more effective solution to the two aspects of Greek life. Through organized, resourceful events and programs that gradually introduce freshmen to the idea of sorority life in general, I will be able to effectively create a change and smash the false rumors that float around campus regarding Lafayette sororities.

As the representative of one of the largest groups of women on campus, I understand the significant responsibility I have to help Greek Life adapt to the changing times. My Lafayette experience would not be what it is without the encouragement and enrichment of this amazing community. Please reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns at manfreds@lafayette.edu. I would love to hear from you and offer more insight into this vibrant community!

Welcome to Greek Life!

All the best,

Sandra Manfreda

Lafayette College Panhellenic Council President