David Nice

Associate Professor and Department Head
Physics Department,
Lafayette College
Hugel Science Center 030
701 Sullivan Road
Easton, PA 18042
Email: niced@lafayette.edu
Phone: +1-610-330-5204

Office Hours :

  • Wednesday 2:00-3:00 [cancelled Oct 25, Nov 8]
  • Thursday 10:30-11:30 and 2:30-4:30 [cancelled Oct 26, Nov 9; ends 4:00 on Oct 15, Nov 2, Nov 30]
  • Friday 11:00-12:00 [cancelled Nov 10]


Looking for Teaching stuff?  Check out my Classes page.
Looking for Pulsar stuff?  Check out my Research and CV/Publications pages.
See also the NANOGrav and Arecibo Observatory websites.

Here’s an article about what I am doing here at Lafayette.
Here’s an article on our work in the 2012 Arecibo Observatory Annual Astronomy Report.

One of the highlights of teaching at Lafayette is working with undergraduates on cutting-edge research projects in radio astronomy, neutron star astrophysics, and gravitational science.  One recent result is an Astrophysical Journal paper on millisecond pulsar velocities led by Allison Matthews ’15 and based on her senior thesis.  (Here is the free arxiv version.)