I am very excited by our newly revised* Lafayette introductory physics curriculum.  Check out Physics 130, the first course for prospective physics majors, and a great course for anyone to take.  We start with relativity and particle physics!  Pretty cool!

*First taught of Fall 2014, so not completely new any more.  Still exciting and cool!

Here is my teaching:

Spring 2018:

  • Physics 215, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (syllabus)
  • Physics 131 Lab

Other Courses I have taught at Lafayette:

  • Physics 104, Solar System Astronomy (syllabus)
  • Physics 130, Relativity, Spacetime, and Contemporary Physics (syllabus)
  • Physics 131, Mechanics (syllabus)
  • Physics 152, Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics (syllabus)
  • Physics 327, Advanced Classical Mechanics  (syllabus)
  • Physics 104 Lab
  • Physics 151 Lab
  • Physics 215 Lab