Destination Northampton County Grand opening at Sigal Museum

The weekend of November 9th, the Sigal Museum opened its long-awaited permanent exhibition “Destination Northampton County” to the public. The exhibition, funded in part by the LVEHC, chronicles and celebrates the past 75 years of local history through stories, photographs, and heirlooms donated by the community. The exhibition focuses on immigration and diversity in a family-friendly, interactive fashion.

There are multiple interactive components, such as a “please touch” area featuring items that immigrants would have brought with them on their journey to America and significant food items to localimmigrant groups. There is also an immersive barber shop experience in which you can sit in a barber shop chair, hear the sound of clippers buzzing and smell the pomade and sandalwood characteristic of the shop. Visitors to the exhibition can also listen to oral histories collected by local residents and fill out their own passports and travel documents.

The grand opening event featured a number of events throughout the day, including a six-word memoir writing activity, a community-generated world map, heritage food celebrations, children’s play and storytime, musical performances and several panels and community conversations.

Destination Northampton County can be seen on permanent display at the Sigal Museum in Easton.



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