LVEHC-Sponsored Writing Retreat Takes Place at Highlights Foundation

Earlier this month, eight local writers accompanied “retreat leaders” Kate Brandes, Kate Racculia, and Ruth Knafo Setton to the Highlights Foundation for one week of writing, workshopping, and exploring the theme of “sense of place.” The retreat followed a keynote  lecture and masterclass from author Susan Straight on the topic of “Geography of Home and Soul.” Activities during the retreat included a relief map of the Lehigh Valley introduced by Kate Brandes, activities on how geology and landscape shape individual experiences in the Lehigh Valley, and a story exchange exploring how individual experiences and memories of the Lehigh Valley differ and evolve over across decades. 

The writers focused their work at the retreat on sense of place in the Lehigh Valley over the past 50 years, and the group is exploring the possibility of publishing a collection of the pieces produced during the retreat in conjunction with the Bethlehem Area Public Library. 

Photos courtesy of Sienna Mae Heath


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