About Our Research

If you and your child have ever used programs like Skype or FaceTime to connect with far-flung loved ones, you might have wondered what your child thinks about the person “in the computer.” At the Lafayette Kids Lab, which is a part of the Psychology Department at Lafayette College, we conduct child development research on children’s learning from video chat interactions with people.



What does Colin think about the person on the iPad? We're trying to find out!

What does Colin understand about the person on Skype? How does the live co-viewing adult in the room with him help out? We’re trying to find out!


Families with young children (ages 16 to 30 months) can now participate in our studies from home! Help your child video chat with a researcher, learn about child development and earn a small gift card as a thank you for contributing to science. To learn more, please visit our Contact Us page.

Charlotte Myers-Jax (28 months) participates in a “live” version of video chat in which her partner talks to her through a window rather than over a screen. Charlotte is pointing to an object that Mary Cors (’19) is holding in response to co-viewer Heather Keyser’s ( ’18) question.