Way back in the Fall of 2021, no one knew what to expect.  Were we in for another semester of online competition?  Would we get the opportunity to compete in person again?  As the semester unfolded and variants continued to grow, competitions moved on-line one by one.  In the end, the speech team was able to compete online twice while the debaters competed online.  Despite the disappointing nature of online competition, the team stayed motivated and put up great results!

As we transition into another semester of waiting to find out how the next COVID variant will effect the team and the activity, lets celebrate some of the accomplishments of the team last semester!  Watch this space for more updates as the team builds towards National Tournament season!

Speech Awards!

University of West Florida
Individual Awards: Prose – Kelly Mwaamba 3rd; Impromptu – Kelly 2; POI – Danny Demelfi 3rd; Info – Travis King 4; CA – Shirley Liu 1st; Poe – Kelly 1; Pers – Angela Busheska 4, Kelly 1; DI – Danny 6; Kelly 1;
Pentathalon – Kelly;
Team Awards: Team Speech 1; overall combined sweepstakes 3rd
Bowling Green State University
Individual Awards: Communication Analysis – Shirley 1st; DI – Kelly 3rd; Info – Shirley 6th; Novice Ext – Baris Yazici 3rd; Novice Imp – Dan Tierney 5th; Pers – Kelly 2nd; Poetry – Kelly 2nd; Varsity Extemp – Jacob Moldover 1st; Varsity Imp – Travis 5th;
Individual Sweeps – Kelly 1st
Team Awards: 2nd place
Seton Hall University
Individual Awards: POI – Jefrey Lopez 1st; DUO – Kelly and Jordan Shaibani, 1st; Extemp – Ami Figueroa Urritia, 6th; Imp Sales – Jefrey, 5th; Ami, 4th; Pers – Ronnie Ward, 7th; Angela, 3rd; Kelly, 1st; Prose – Olivia, 3rd; Jordan, 2nd; Kelly 1st; ADS – Jefrey, 3rd; Angela, 2nd; DI – Jefrey, 3rd; Jordan, 2nd; Kelly 1st; POE – Ronnie, 5th, Kelly, 1st;
Individual Sweepstakes – Jefrey, 2nd; Kelly, 1st.
Team Awards: 1st place
Bradley University
Individual Awards: DI – Kelly, 6; Duo – Kelly & Jordan – 6; Pers – Kelly -Semi-final; Poe – Kelly, 6; Pro – Kelly, 5;
Individual Sweeps – Kelly, 5;
DANCE OFF, Kelly 1.
SNAFU Charity Ball
Individual Awards: ADS – Angela 6; CA – Shirley 1; Info – Michael Sun 7, Shirley 4; Pers – Angela 3; Poe – Image Patterson, 1; POI Shirley 5; Prose – Michael 4;
Individual Sweeps – Shirley 3.
Team Awards: 2nd place
Long Island Swing, Day 1
Individual Awards: Info – Shirley 4,;Poe – Kelly 1; ADS – Kelly – 2; Duo- Jordan / Kelly 2, Danny / Kelly 1; Prose – Jordan 2, Kelly 1; DI – Danny 6, Kelly 3; CA – Shirley 2;
Individual Sweeps – Kelly 1
Off-Broadway Swing, Day 2
Individual Awards: ADS – Kelly 1; CA – Shirley – 4; DI – Danny 6, Kelly 4; Duo – Jordan / Kelly 6, Danny / Kelly 3; Info – Michael 4; Pers – Shirley 3; Poe – Kelly 1; POI – Danny – 7; Prose – Jordan 6, Kelly 1;
Individual Sweeps: Kelly 1
Debate Awards!

Western Kentucky University
Individual Awards: Jaden Stone JV QF, JV 5th Speaker; Josh Hale Open QF

Lafayette College
Individual Awards: Baris Yazici, NOV 2nd place, NOV 1st speaker; Jacob Moldover, Open 1st, 5th speaker; Josh, Open 2nd place, 2nd speaker; Ben Herman Open SF, 4th speaker, Ceci Montufar Open SF, 1st speaker; Yordanos Mengistu Open QF

University of Central Missouri, Day 1
Individual Awards: Josh, OPEN QF, 8th speaker

University of Central Missouri, Day 2
Individual Awards: Josh, Open 1st place; 1st speaker

Illinois State University
Individual Awards: Baris, NOV 1st place; Michael Antonacci, NOV SF, 5th speaker; Josh, Open 2nd place, 5th speaker

Penn State University
Individual Awards: Anna Fenkel, NOV SF, 2nd speaker; Ben, Open 1st place, 1st speaker; Yordanos, Open 2nd place, 2nd speaker; Ceci, Open SF, 4th speaker

The Fall Finale
Individual Awards: Michael, NOV 2nd place, 1st speaker; Josh, Open 2nd place, 4th speaker; Jaden, Open QF; Jacob, Open SF, 2nd speaker