[Easton, PA] The team took a trip to play mini-golf at a local course and I’d say we had a good time.
But of course I would say that, I won!  Enjoy these pictures we took during the trip!

Duo Parnters! (Jordan Shaibani and Kelly Mwaamba)

Oh Kelly, what did you do now? from left: Jordan Shaibani, Amira Figueroa Urrutia, Yordanos Mengistu

Noooooo!!! from left: Jacob Moldover, Jaden Stone, Daniel Tierney, Anna Fenkel

Sink that putt! from left: Amira Figueroa Urrutia, Jordan Shaibani, Yordanos Mengistu, Kelly Mwaamba

Wait, it’s time for a team picture? Seated (from left): Shirley Liu, Ceci Montufar, Yordanos Mengistu;
Standing (from left): Anna Fenkel, Daniel Tierney, Jacob Moldover, Jaden Stone, Joshua Hulon Hale,
Jefrey Lopez, Amira Figueroa Urrutia