2023-2024 Travel Schedule

Fall Semester

October 6-8 – James Madison University (IE)

October 14-15 – Lafayette College (IE, IPDA)

October 27-29 – West Chester University (IE, IPDA)

November 3-6 – Bradley University (IE)

November 11-12 – Location TBA (IE)

December 1-3 – Hofstra University (IE, IPDA)


Spring Semester

January 12-15 – HFO

January 27-28 – Ohio University

February 9-11 – James Madison University

February 16-19 – PFA

March 1-4 – Novice Nationals

March 7-14 – IFA

March 14-19 – National Speech Tournament, Pi Kappa Delta National Tournament

April 17-23 – NFA

April 26-28 – IOA

2018-2019 Travel Schedule

Fall Semester

October – Lafayette College (LD/IE)
October – West Chester (IE)
October – Clarion (LD)
October – Seton Hall (IE)
November – St. Anselm (LD/IE)
November – Dutchess CC (IE)
December – Otterbein (LD/IE)

Spring Semester

January – HFO @ Bradley University (IE)
January – Webster University (LD)
February – Ithaca College (LD)
February – James Madison University (IE)
February – PFA State Tournament (IE/LD)
February – Hillsdale College (LD)
March – John Carroll University (LD)
March – Novice Nationals @ Bowling Green State University (IE)
March – National Speech Championships @ Oakland University (IE)
March – Pi Kappa Delta National Tournament @ Hofstra University (LD/IE)
April – National Forensics Association Tournament @ Santa Ana Unified School District (IE/LD)

2017-2018 Travel Schedule

2016-2017 Travel Schedule

Fall Semester **TENTATIVE**

September 10-11 – Fall Workshop Weekend
September 15-18 – Western Kentucky University (LD/IE)
October 1-2 – Lafayette College (LD/IE)
October 8-9 – West Chester University (IE)
October 15-16 OR 22-23 – Rutgers University (IE)
October 28-31 – Marshall University (LD/IE)
November 4-6 – St. Anselm College (LD/IE)
November 18-20 – University of Akron (IE)
December 1-4 – The Ohio State University (LD/IE)

Spring Semester

April 11-18 – National Forensics Association’s National Tournament at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (LD/IE, Qualifiers Only)

2015-2016 Travel Schedule

Fall Semester

September 12-13 – Fall Retreat (LD/IE)
September 17-20 – Western Kentucky University (LD)
October 3-4 – Lafayette College (LD)
October 16-18 – West Chester University (IE)
October 30-November 2 – Marshall University (LD/IE)
November 13-15 – St. Anselm College (LD/IE)
December 3-7 – The Ohio State University (LD/IE)

Spring Semester

January 15-18 – University of Texas-Austin (IE)
January 28-31 – Webster University (LD/IE)
February 12-13 – James Madison University (IE)
February 20-21 – Pennsylvania Forensics Association State Tournament (IE)
March 4-6 – Hillsdale College (LD)
March 11-13 – Novice Nationals at University of Louisiana-Lafayette (IE)
March 16-21 – Pi Kappa Delta National Tournament at University of Kentucky (IE/LD)
April 4 – Performance Night
April 5 – Performance Brown Bag
April 12-19 – National Forensic Association Championship Tournament at Ball State University (IE/LD, Qualifiers Only)

2014-2015 Travel Schedule

Fall Semester

September 12-14 – Fall Retreat (IE/LD)
September 18-21 – Western Kentucky University (LD)
September 26-28 – Liberty University (IE)
October 4-5 – Lafayette College (LD)
October 10-12 – West Chester University (IE)
October 24-26 – Suffolk University (IE/LD)
October 24-26 – Marshall University (IE/LD)
November 7-9 – St. Anselm College (IE/LD)

Spring Semester

January 16-18 – West Chester University (IE)
January 22-25 – Webster University (IE/LD, Invitation Only)
February 6-8 – James Madison University (IE)
February 13-15 – Pennsylvania Forensics Association State Tournament at Penn State University (IE)
February 20-23 – Emerson College and Northeast Regionals (IE/LD)
March 4-9 – Pi Kappa Delta National Tournament at Ohio University (IE/LD, Invitation Only)
March 13-16 – Novice Nationals at Butler University (IE, Invitation Only)
March 30 – Performance Night
April 1 – Performance Brown Bag
April 14-21 – National Forensics Association Championship Tournament at Ohio University (IE/LD, Qualifiers Only)
April 24-25 – Interstate Oratorical Association (Persuasion, Qualifiers Only)

2013-2014 Travel Schedule

Fall Semester

September 19-22 – Western Kentucky University (LD)
September 27-29 – Liberty University (IE)
October 5-6 – Lafayette College (LD)
October 11-12 – West Chester University (IE)
October 19-20 – Cedar Crest College (IE)
October 25-27 – Suffolk University (IE/LD)
November 1-3 – St. Anselm College (IE/LD)
November 16-17 – West Chester University (IE)
December 5-8 – The Ohio State University/Otterbein College (IE/LD)

Spring Semester

January 10-13 – University of Texas-Austin (IE)
January 23-26 – Webster University (IE/LD)
February 7-8 – James Madison University (IE)
February 14-16 – Pennsylvania State Forensics Association (IE)
February 21-23 – Emerson College (IE/LD)
February 28-March 3 – Illinois State University (LD)
March 13-17 – Novice Nationals (IE)
March 20-24 – Pi Kappa Delta Nationals (IE/LD)
April 16-22 – National Forensics Association National Tournament (IE/LD, Qualifiers only)
April 24-26 – Interstate Oratorical Association (Persuasion, Qualifiers only)

2012-2013 Travel Schedule

Fall Semester

September 8th–New Student Workshop
September 28th-30th–Western Kentucky University (LD)
September 29th-30th–Liberty University (IE)
October 6th-7th–Lafayette College (LD)
October 13th-14th–West Chester University (IE)
October 20th-21st–Cedar Crest College (IE)
October 20th-21st–Suffolk University (LD)
November 3rd-5th–St. Anselm College (LD/IE)
November 10th-11th–University of Pennsylvania (IE)
November 30th-December 2nd–The Ohio State University/Otterbein College (IE/LD)

Spring Semester

January 19th-20th–West Chester University (IE)
January 24th-27th–Webster University (LD)
January 25th-27th–Ohio University (IE)
February 8th-10th–James Madison University (IE)
February 8th-10th–Emerson College (LD/IE)
February 15th-17th–Pennsylvania Forensics Association @ West Chester University (IE/LD)
March 7th-11th–Novice Nationals @ Berry College (IE)
March 13th-17th–Pi Kappa Delta Nationals @ Webster University
April 16th-23rd–National Forensics Association @ Marshall University (IE/LD)
April 25th-28th–Interstate Oratorical Association @ LSU-Shreveport (Pers.)

2011-2012 Travel Schedule

Fall Semester

September 24th-25th–Western Kentucky University (LD)
October 1st-2nd–Lafayette College (LD)
October 8th-9th–West Chester University (IE/LD) CANCELLED
October 15th-16th–Cedar Crest College/SNAFU (IE)
October 22nd–Suffolk University (IE/LD)
November 5th–St. Anselm College (IE/LD)
November 12th–Morgan State University (IE)
December 2nd-3rd–The Ohio State University (IE/LD)

Spring Semester

January 13th-16th–Hell Froze Over (IE, Invitation Only)
January 27th-29th–Webster University (LD)
January 28th-29th–Ohio University (IE)
February 11th-12th–Emerson College/Lafayette College (IE/LD)
February 18th-19th–Pennsylvania Forensics Association State Tournament (IE/LD)
February 24th-25th–CFA at the Beach OR Long Island SNAFU Swing (IE)
March 3rd-4th–Ithaca College (LD/IE?)
March 9th-11th–Novice Nationals at Lafayette College (IE/LD)
March 16th-18th–Pi Kappa Delta Nationals (LD/IE)
March 24th-25th–John Carroll University (LD)
April 19th-23rd–National Forensics Association National Tournament at Ohio University (IE/LD, Qualifers Only)

2010-2011 Travel Schedule

Fall Semester

September 11th–District 7 Workshop at West Chester University
September 25th-26th–Western Kentucky University (LD)
September 25th-26th–Liberty University (IE)
October 2nd-3rd–Lafayette College (LD)
October 9th-10th–West Chester University (LD/IE)
October 16th-17th–SNAFU at Cedar Crest (IE/Novice LD)
October 23rd-24th–Creighton (LD)
October 23rd-24th–SNAFU at Seton Hall (IE/Novice LD)
November 6th–St. Anselm’s College (LD/Novice IE)
November 6th-7th–Bradley University (Varsity IE)
November 20th-21st–SNAFU at University of Albany (IE/Novice LD)
December 3rd-5th–The Ohio State University/Otterbein College (ALL)

Spring Semester

January 15th-16th–Hell Froze Over at Bradley University (IE)
January 22nd-23rd–SNAFU at West Chester University (IE/Novice LD)
January 29th-30th–Webster University (LD)
February 5th-6th–Suffolk University (ALL)
February 12th-13th–George Mason University (IE)
February 19th-20th–Pennsylvania State Forensics Association Tournament (ALL)
March 5th-6th–Marist College (LD)
March 12th-13th–Novice Nationals at the University of Indianapolis (Novice)
March 23rd-26th–Pi Kappa Delta
April 2nd — Lafayette College Spring Six (LD only)
April 14th-18th–NFA Nationals at Illinois State University

2009-2010 Travel Schedule

Fall Semester

September 12th—District VII Workshop at Lafayette College (Novice)
September 19th—Bloomsburg Novice Tournament (Novice IE)
September 26th and 27th—Western Kentucky University (LD)
October 3rd and 4th—Lafayette College (LD)
October 10th and 11th—West Chester University (IE/LD)
October 17th and 18th—Cedar Crest College (IE)
October 31st and November 1st—James Madison University and UWEC Swing (Varsity IE)
November 7th-St. Anselm’s College (Novice IE/LD)
November 22nd-New York University (IE/LD)
December 4th and 5th—The Ohio State University (IE/LD)
December 6th—Otterbein College (LD)

Spring Semester

January 23rd-24th—West Chester University/SNAFU (IE)
January 29th-31st—Webster University (LD)
February 6th-7th—Suffolk University (LD/IE)
February 20th-21st—Pennsylvania State Forensics Association (IE/LD)
February 20th—Northeast Regionals @ St. Anselm College (LD)
March 13th—Lafayette College (LD)
March 19th-21st—Pi Kappa Delta Nationals in Minneapolis, MN (LD/IE)
March 27th-28th—Otterbein College/Western Kentucky Spring Fling @ Otterbein College (LD)
April 15th-19th—NFA Nationals @ Ohio University (IE/LD)
April 24th-25th—Interstate Oratory Association @ University of Oklahoma (Persuasion, qualifiers only)

2008-2009 Travel Schedule

September 6th—District VII Workshop at Cedar Crest College
September 27th and 28th—Western Kentucky University (LD)
September 27th and 28th—Towson University, Novice and SNAFU (IE)
October 4th and 5th—Lafayette College Debate Tournament (LD)
October 11th and 12th—Shepherd University and SNAFU (IE)
October 18th and 19th—Cedar Crest College and SNAFU (IE)
November 1st—St. Anselm’s College (LD)
November 8th and 9th—Bradley University (IE)
November 15th and 16th—New York University and SNAFU (LD and IE)
December 5th and 6th—The Ohio State University (LD and IE)
December 7th—Otterbein College (LD)

January ??—Hell Froze Over @ Bradley University (IE)
January 30th-February1st—Gorlok Invitational @ Webster University (IE and LD)
February 7th and 8th—Suffolk University and University of Florida Swing (IE and LD)
February 14th—James Madison University (IE)
February 21st and 22nd—Pennsylvania State Forensics Association @ Cedar Crest (IE and LD)
April—AFA Nationals @ University of Akron (IE)
April—NFA Nationals @ Drury University (IE and LD)
April—Interstate Oratorical Association @ University of Mississippi (IE, Qualifers Only)

2007-2008 Travel Schedule

September 8th—District VII Workshop at West Chester
September 22nd and 23rd—Novice Tournament and SNAFU Swing at Shepherd College (IE)
September 29th and 30th—Towson University (IE and LD)
October 6th and 7th—Lafayette College Debate Tournament (LD)
October 13th and 14th—West Chester University (IE and LD)
October 20th and 21st—Cedar Crest College and SNAFU (IE)
November 3rd—St. Anselm’s College (LD)
November 10th and 11th—New York University and SNAFU (IE and LD)
November 10th and 11th—Bowling Green State University and Oberlin College (IE and LD)
November 30th-December 2nd—The Ohio State University and Otterbein College (IE and LD)

January 12th and 13th—University of Texas-Austin and Bradley University (IE)
January 19th and 20th—West Chester University (IE)
January 25th-27th—Webster University (LD and IE)
February 9th and 10th—Suffolk University and University of Florida (IE and LD)
February 16th—George Mason University (IE)
February 23rd and 24th—Pennyslvania Forensics Association State Tournament (IE and LD)
March 1st—Lafayette College Spring Debate Tournament (LD)
March 14th-16th—Novice Nationals at University of West Florida (IE)
April 17th-20th—National Forensics Assocation’s National Tournament at Tennessee State University (IE and LD, Qualifiers Only)
April 26th and 27th—Interstate Oratorical Association’s National Competition at University of Wisconsin-Madison (Persuasion, Qualifiers Only)