My scholarship is rooted in the tradition of critical theory.  My current manuscript addresses the difficulties posed by the radical Right across Europe and the United States.  This project addresses far right anxieties over racial displacement , as encapsulated in its fears over “white replacement”. And it goes on to tackle how these racial anxieties give rise to an anti-democratic politics of white rage.  For a representative sample, see my recent article “‘You Will Not Replace Us’: The Melancholic Nationalism of Whiteness” (Political Theory, vol 49, no 4, 2021).

An earlier line of scholarship engaged the relationship between power and sensibility.  More specifically, a) how the sensible registers of citizenship are sites of power, b) the challenges this poses for democratic ideals, and c) what sort of sensible politics are possible.  Such questions rest at the heart of my first book: The Powers of Sensibility: Aesthetic Politics through Adorno, Foucault, and Rancière (July 2018, Northwestern University Press).

My article-length work has appeared in journals such as Political Theory, Perspectives on Politics, European Journal of Political Theory, Polity, Contemporary Political Theory, Theory & Event, Political Studies, Philosophy and Social Criticism, Journal for French and Francophone Philosophy, and Radical Philosophy Review.