me_sagrada3I am an Associate Professor of Government & Law at Lafayette College. After I received my Ph.D from the University of California, Berkeley, my path to Lafayette took a number of preliminary steps through positions at Stanford University, Northwestern University, Duke University, and Williams College.

My research and teaching are in the field of political theory. More specifically, my present work addresses the far Right — particularly its politics of racial anxiety and its anti-democratic politics of rage.¬† This research on white extremism has been published in both scholarly journals and popular outlets (Washington Post, Slate).

My teaching interests are broad. In recent years, I have taught courses on Capitalism and its Critics, Race and Mass Incarceration, Critical Theory, Conservative Political Thought, Modern Political Theory, and Contemporary Political Theory.

My first book (The Powers of Sensibility, Northwestern University Press, 2018) treats the intersection of power, sensibility and radical political agency. Recent articles appear  in Political Theory, Perspectives on Politics, Contemporary Political Theory, Polity, Theory & Event, European Journal of Political Theory, Philosophy and Social Criticism, Radical Philosophy Review, the Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy,and Political Studies.

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