Peace is our Profession

In Kubrick’s,¬†Dr. Strangelove, (1964) the mise-en-scene incorporated the phrase “Peace is Our Profession” to continue¬†as a motif throughout the movie that revealed a lot about the movie’s genre as a satire. The words Peace and War are complete opposites to each other has they revealed different this about one of the other and being that they are used in the same context makes them even more interesting. The phrase appears about a total of nine times throughout the film as background props to the frames.

dr strangelove

Other elements that emphasized the genre of Satire were done with the dialogues of the characters, the music played in relation to what is occurring in the frame, as well as the props of the playboy magazine, top secret files and so on. The romantic music that plays over the explosion and fires led from bombs that occur in the frame create a strong juxtaposition that is seen in the form of satire.

Overall, I thought this was a great film that played with the four different components of the mise-en-scene wrote about in the Auteur theory chapter in Understanding Film Theory: 1) Set Design, 2) Lighting, 3) Acting and 4) Costume and make up. The mise-en-scene was important to analyzing the film and understanding how it is relevant to the purpose of the film and its genre. It was also a great film about comedy, history and relevant technical designs chosen by the director/crew.

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