Dr. Strangelove Stoof

Peter Sellers you bastard! You were Eddie Murphy before Eddie Murphy ever was.

I enjoyed the film and had some comments

– Loved that the opening song is “Try A Little Tenderness”

– Wanted to open up a debate as to why the film was shot in black and white. Hypothesis 1 – to mimic war newsreel. Hypothesis 2 – Black vs. White, US vs. Russia. Hypothesis 3 – Regression to dichromatic color scheme (if it can be referred to as such) says something about the reversion of man’s nature within the film. Hypothesis 4 – The elimination of any possibility other than Black or White simultaneously eliminates any middle ground and any way of reconciliation or making amends or coming to terms or of consideration between the two forces. So damn biased those two sides. End of hypotheses.

– Was wondering what people thought about the model airplane over the background footage of mountains, Russian landscape etc., purposely visually contrived? Or just a measure of the times?

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