Meta film making

For me, The Man with a Movie Camera, was very, very meta about film making. Not only does the film draw attention to the fact that a man is walking around with a movie camera, but it also made me really think about the man filming the man with the movie camera. There were 2x cameras rolling at once usually.  It seemed to me to be such an homage to film making as a whole, instead of a documentary, but it had so many different things that relate back to that idea.

For me the machinery and the gears turning etc. seemed to have such a direct correlation to film making as a whole, and everything that goes into the process that is seemingly unnoticed, and everything that makes a film what it is. To me, it kind of all related back to the “film apparatus,” and how once the film becomes a film, you forget about all the parts, much like when a product becomes a product.

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