Distortion of Reality

Watching At LandĀ (1944) by Maya Deren made me feel disoriented. One minute this woman is climbing up tree branches on the beach, and the next she is climbing across a table in a smoke filled room with people on both sides of her. There are many more examples of jumping from one place of scenery to the next which confuses the audience. This film plays with the idea of reality. The shots put together in the montage make it seem like two completely different objects are meant to go together. So after the disorientation, I suddenly understood. Deren put these images together, one after the other, to distort reality. And somehow the cuts made sense. The shots mirrored each other and made a nice story that actually included continuous themes and objects.

I realized the same thing during Run Lola RunĀ (1989). The film was very disorienting. The blurry shots of people walking around in the beginning, not being able to see actual faces or scenery. Later on it would change from Lola in human form to Lola in cartoon form. I was just really confused during the whole film on what was real and what was a distortion of reality. Which scenario was the real outcome?

I guess both of these films were created to confuse the audience. To make them think in an artistic way and to think outside of the box. To think outside the realm of reality.

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