Shuttle Schedule

Download the schedule [PDF]

Route Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
LVI/ABE Airport to Campus 12 noon, 1pm, 2:30pm, 5:15pm
 Hampton Inn to Campus 12:05pm – 5:05pm one trip per hour  7:10am, 8:10am  7:10am, 8:10am
 Grand Eastonian to Campus 12:30pm – 5:30pm one trip per hour  7:10am, 8:10am  7:10am, 8:10am
Lafayette Inn to Campus  12:45pm – 5:45pm one trip per hour  7:30am, 8:00am  7:30am, 8:00am
 Campus Loop – Sullivan Parking Deck/Williams Art Center/Farinon Center 12noon – 5:45pm (15 min loop)  7am-4pm (15 min loop)  7am – 5:15pm (15 min loop)
 Downtown Easton/Pine Street to Campus 9pm, 10pm
 Downtown Easton/Pine Street to Hampton Inn, Grand Eastonin, Lafayette Inn  9pm, 10pm
 Williams Art Center to Hampton Inn  4:15pm
 Williams Art Center to Grand Eastonian  4:15pm
Williams Art Center to Lafayette Inn  4:15pm
 Farinon Center to LVI/ABE Airport  9am, 11am, 12:30pm, 3pm, 5pm
 Farinon Center to Hampton Inn, Grand Eastonian, Lafayette Inn  10:15am – 5:15pm one trip per hour