Security presentations that keep your campus awake at night

  • When: 3:15-4:00 PM, Wednesday, September 17, 2015
  • Where: Room 104, Kirby Hall of Civil Rights
  • Presenters:
    • Carrie Rampp, Franklin & Marshall College, AVP and CIO
    • Eric Smith, Chief Information Security Officer for Franklin and Marshall College, Bucknell University and Susquehanna University

Ever wished you had a 2 minute video that pointed to the fallibility of user passwords?

Ever dreamed you could give a 5 minute demo where you did a ‘live crack of 150K passwords’ for the Board or campus leadership?

Ever wish you had a checklist that would convince your senior staff within about 5 minutes of discussion that they were ‘failing’ at information security?

Carrie and Eric will share the work they have done at Franklin & Marshall. Most specifically Eric will showcase some of the presentations and demonstrations he has developed, as well as associated handouts, and he and Carrie will discuss the impact they have had on campus, particularly when it comes to convincing campus constituents this is critical and important work to undertake immediately, even if it comes with a little inconvenience.

About the Presenters

Carrie Rampp is AVP and CIO at Franklin & Marshall College. Information security has been a significant campus priority since Carrie’s arrival. Prior to F&M, Carrie spent 6 years at Bucknell University as Director of Library Services & Instructional Technogy. Prior to 2008, Carrie spent 12 formative years at Middlebury College in a number of roles supporting and directing both academic and administrative technology services.

Eric Smith is Chief Information Security Officer for Franklin and Marshall College, Bucknell University and Susquehanna University. In this formally-defined consortial position, Eric provides advice and support to the CIO on all information-security matters, directs and supports the development of policies and procedures on each campus that strengthen and expand information security, and assists each campus in the development of proactive security-related monitoring capability. Eric also provides critical leadeship by proactively advancing a security-related agenda appropriate for each campus.

At Franklin & Marshall, Eric’s work has specifically materialized as opportunities to draft and recommend campus policies, development and delivery of formal training, review and recommendation of network-related architecture and procedure improvements that strengthen information security, and most importantly educate everyone from trustee to campus office worker on the general importance of information security. Eric had also demonstrated through personal example not only how to do proactive security monitoring but how such efforts benefit the campus.

The educational efforts mentioned have led to the development of a series of regularly presented and well-received presentations and demos that have had a real impact on our campus.