DR Planning with the Seven Tiers of Disaster Recovery

  • When: 11:00-11:45 AM, Thursday, June 18
  • Where: Room 104, Kirby Hall of Civil Rights
  • Presenter: Robert Jones, Systems Administrator, Lafayette College

Most computer users are more engaged in their work than in data protection. Indeed, when things are going well, their awareness of those devices that keep our organizations running can disappear completely. It should not be wondered at, that the case for disaster recovery planning is frequently effective only after a disaster. It is therefore incumbent on IT staff to make the case for disaster planning. This can best be achieved by clearly, and precisely describing the costs and benefits of an effective business continuity plan, (AKA a disaster recovery plan).

The Seven Tiers of Disaster Recovery is a great tool for making that case. Participants will be able to employ this tool in the effort to describe the amount of time needed to recover from the loss of a given service, at a specific cost, for a given tier of protection. The goal being, to give leadership, and the IT staff confidence in a shared understanding of the level of protection, and the level of risk borne by the Institution.

About the Presenter

Rob Jones has served Lafayette College as a Systems Administrator since 2004 and has over twenty years in IT. For nineteen of those years he has been tasked with data protection of four different organization’s servers through data backups.